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SAS is evaluating UofM’s technology for DTCR application

SAS is evaluating UofM’s technology for DTCR application

Investor Update – May 31, 2013

  1. Smart Autonomous Solutions is in the process of evaluating U of M technology for the Dynamic Thermal Circuit Rating (DTCR) Application.

    SAS has completed the transfer of technology milestone and is in the process of evaluating the technology. This process is necessary to figure out how we can improve the technology for the DTCR application. SAS has purchased all necessary test equipment and has an operational lab at its premises on Manor Street in Burnaby BC.

  2. Smart Autonomous Solutions has applied for an IRAP grant to develop DTCR System.

    SAS has completed the application for an IRAP grant for (Dynamic Thermal Circuit Rating-Interrogator unit). The request for IRAP grant is approximately $100K for first year. This project under IRAP will have a time frame of at least 1 year and can be extended to a second year depending upon its success.

  3. Smart Autonomous Solutions has engaged the University of Manitoba to tension test the sensors for overhead transmission lines. The project will commence in two stages. A) Tension test setup design and construction. B) Laboratory testing at room temperature.

    SAS in conjunction with University of Manitoba will conduct tension tests for the strain sensor for overhead transmission lines. Dr. Douglas Thomson will direct the project in three stages as follows:

    1. Tension test set up design and construction
    2. Laboratory testing at room temperature
    3. Laboratory testing in environmental chamber

    These tests will provide in-depth knowledge for future sensor designs. It will help us to determine the frictional force generated from a simple clamp we will use on power line installations. These tests verify the final sensor performance and highlight potential problems we may encounter in the regular as well as corrugated waveguide sensor design.

  4. Smart Autonomous Solutions is evaluating a dual sensor design and will partner with an appropriate manufacturer to develop a dual sensor for the DTCR applications.

    We are evaluating a more flexible design that will give us a better resolution for Stress/Strain or Sag measurements. It may also improve resolution for the temperature measurements of power lines.

  5. Smart Autonomous Solutions has built an emulation system using test equipment to recreate the results obtained by U of M.

    SAS emulation system is designed to understand the interrogator’s functionality. A sensor was remotely detected to measure temperature of the sensor. The measurement results will help us to define specification of our interrogator planned to be released by the end of 2013.

  6. Smart Autonomous Solutions currently has 7 employees and consultants working towards the completion of the DTCR product by December for demonstration and certification.