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SAS Advances Technology Development

SAS Advances Technology Development

Investor update:   September 17, 2014

 1.       Interrogator Unit:

  •   SAS has developed a second revision of the Interrogator unit. The Transmit, Receive and CPU boards were updated. These updates incorporated improvements that arose from test results and eliminated all known deficiencies.
  • Circuit schematics and printed circuit boards (PCB) were updated.
  • Gerber files and bills of materials necessary for board production have been generated and are ready for release.
  • Mechanical parts, such as board shields and baseplate were also updated. Mechanical drawings for the chassis, outdoor cabinet, fittings, etc. have been generated.
  • The Interrogator is a special wireless transceiver device that uses sophisticated frequency scanning methods to sweep over the entire range of radio frequencies in the 2.4 GHz ISM band in a RADAR-like fashion to probe for a response signal from SAS wireless temperature sensors mounted on the high power transmission lines. The Interrogator works in the same frequency band as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth consumer devices.
  • When a sensor is stimulated by the interrogator it responds at a specific characteristic frequency (unique to each sensor). The Interrogator calculates the sensor temperature (and the attached conductor temperature) from the observed frequency. The temperature range can vary from ‑60 to +250C. From the temperature of the power lines and the ambient temperature, it is possible to calculate the Dynamic Thermal Circuit Rating (DTCR) of the power lines, the sag in the power lines, and the resulting ampacity of the power lines – a measure of the maximum amount of electric current which can be safely transmitted down the high voltage power lines.
  • The system is available for demonstration to customers, potential investors, the financial community and other interested parties.

Figure 1. Transmit and Receive boards on the baseplate.