Key Milestones Achieved

Acquisition of Patented Technology Complete

  • The University of Manitoba (U of M) completed the roll-in of their technology and now owns 20% of the common shares of SAS.
  • In addition to U of M investing over $10 million to create this technology, SAS has raised over $1 million towards the acquisition, development and commercialization of the Technology.

Progress Since Start of Operation in February 2013

  1. Moved into a new facility on Manor Street.
  2. SAS has completed the necessary hiring of personnel. SAS will continue to hire staff as and when needed.
  3. SAS has acquired all the necessary test equipment and completed setting up the lab to develop the prototype by end of 2013.
  4. SAS has completed the system design and is addressing the detailed sub-system designs.
  5. SAS, in conjunction with the University of Manitoba, will investigate Tension Tests for Strain Sensors for Overhead Transmission Cables.
  6. SAS, in conjunction with MITAC, will investigate Noise and EM interference levels at Transmission line towers and structures.
  7. SAS has received preliminary approval of the IRAP grant. Waiting for written confirmation.
  8. SAS is in discussion with Tri-State (USA), and has had discussions with several other utilities in the US, Canada, Brazil, Europe and Africa to field test the SAS system in their operational environment.
  9. SAS to start generating revenue in 18 months. One part of the income will come from selling the SAS DTCR system, the second part from providing regular reports on monitored conductors for utilities as a long-term service.