Suresh Singh, President

Suresh Singh brings over 26 years of experience to Smart Autonomous Solutions, in the high-tech sector, managing mergers, acquisitions, strategic alliances and joint ventures. He has participated in raising over $40MM for projects ranging from concept to commercialization. Mr. Singh has held a variety of senior level positions in several high tech companies that designed and produced computer terminals, complex communication devices and USB extension devices.

Mr. Singh was President and CEO of Icron Technologies where he grew the company from concept and zero revenue to over $8MM in sales, which resulted in the stock price increasing from $0.14 to $2.59/share. Prior to that, he was the chief operating officer at PCS Wireless where he was the key contributor in growing the company from 5 employees to 120 employees and from concept and zero revenue to over $100MM in revenue, resulting in the stock price increasing from $0.15 to $17.80/share. Before that, Mr. Singh was the executive vice president of Integra Systems Inc., where he participated in growing the company from concept to over $10MM in revenue. Integra Systems was the first company in Canada to develop and market the debit system terminals.

John McLeod – CTO

40+ years experience in leading the development of successful commercial products derived from a wide range of core technologies including telecommunications systems, data processing systems and commercial building operations.