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SAS Advances Technology Development

SAS Advances Technology Development

Investor update:   September 17, 2014

 1.       Interrogator Unit:

  •   SAS has developed a second revision of the Interrogator unit. The Transmit, Receive and CPU boards were updated. These updates incorporated improvements that arose from test results and eliminated all known deficiencies.
  • Circuit schematics and printed circuit boards (PCB) were updated.
  • Gerber files and bills of materials necessary for board production have been generated and are ready for release.
  • Mechanical parts, such as board shields and baseplate were also updated. Mechanical drawings for the chassis, outdoor ...
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Embedded Software Development Engineer


Smart Autonomous Solutions is looking for an Embedded Software Development Engineer to join our team developing a real-time system with world-wide market potential. We are willing to consider both full-time and contract arrangements.

Job description:

  • Responsible for the software design and development of a software-controlled radio transmitter/receiver and data capture system
  • Analyze and develop software requirements based on system requirements
  • Architect, design and implement system infrastructure
  • Responsible for the Configuration Management System and development process
  • Responsible for Software Release Management
  • Install and configure the development environment

Who we ...

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